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Contracted LGV/HGV Vehicles

SureTrans Fleet Solutions provide a tailored and professional LGV vehicle and driver management solution that frees our clients from the everyday challenge of running, operating and maintaining an efficient LGV / HGV fleet.
Whether you are looking to fully or partially outsource your fleet, we are here to help. At SureTrans we are LGV fleet managers and we have fine tuned this skill over many years to minimize costs and maximize service levels for our customers. We buy a large volume of new vehicles, which gives us the buying power to source the best possible deals for the fleet, we then maintain and operate those vehicles entirely in-house, via our own service vans or dedicated maintenance providers. Every tyre, spare part, service and test, is procured at the best possible market rates. This approach combined with our commitment to in-house recruitment and training of drivers, gives us a considerable competitive advantage, an advantage that we are able to pass on to you, the client.
lgv/hgv contract hire

If given the chance to offer a price comparison between our service and running/staffing your own LGV vehicles, 9 times out of 10, we are able to offer an improvement in both costs and service via our LGV / HGV fleet solutions service. The reason for this is simple, maintaining, operating and manning an LGV vehicle these days, with the stringent regulations and the seemingly never-ending compliance requirements, is a full time job on its own, and that's what we do, and have done well for over 20 years. We can provide any size or type of LGV vehicle (3.5 Tonne - 44 Tonne) on a long term basis to meet your company's specific needs, sign-written in your livery (If required) and manned by a first class regular driver, who will effectively work for you, but be fully supported day-to-day by us.